hi, I have recently received results concluding my pancreas isn't functioning properly, and because of this I have a slight case of diabetes; I am taking zenpep everytime I eat anything, my issues are diet, any suggestions? please thank you

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  • Missa526


    I take creon with every meal. I find that a very low fat, moderate protein diet with lots of healthy foods seem to help. The air fryer has helped immensely. I use an olive oil spray, very little, on cubed potatoes and light seasoning to make my version of French fries. Stay away from anything greasy, fried, high fat, or really spicy. I have a shortened colon, done through surgery, so I have to be careful of too much fiber. Fat free and sugar free or low sugar foods help immensely. I'm just having trouble gaining weight. Good luck too you, and my GI doctor told me that the diet is trial and error. We're in this together ❤️ 🫂🤗🤞💜👍

  • Alice_Marie


    Low sugar low fat. No high fat foods and almost no processed sugar.

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