anyone else read license plates and immediately have to come up with a way to remember it as if it were your own? i do it every time i’m in the car to the point where it’s obsessive and i can’t even look at cars cuz it’s so annoying. i cant help it

Attention-Deficit Disorder


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  • berrybear


    Yes it's pretty annoying and then for some reason I remember it a week later instead of a password for an account or something 😞

  • Rooti


    Yep, I’ll come up with phrases to fit the letters and numbers. I’ve created passwords from plates and then later forgot once my brain finally processed.

  • TreePerson


    Have you ever been tested for autism?

  • hoolia


    i haven’t been tested, but i do have a neuropsych eval sometime in the future (the waiting list is like months).

  • Donutboxes


    Yes!! 🙌I thought I was the only one!!

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