How long and what meds do you take for AF?




Atrial fibrillation



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  • Rooney


    Brand new at this AFib stuff. On diltiazem and eliquis.

  • twinkit


    Flecanide and Metoprolol. Flecanide is what saved me. I've been on it about 8 years now. I think I've had about 3 big episodes since and 2 small ones that I can recall.

    • AC9


      i’ve had proxies mother a fib since 2014. It would only happen during dehydration, post alcohol drinking, or after a big meal during the middle of the night. It became more frequent particularly during heavy exercise due to dehydration. I tried metoprolol but it did not work. Now I’ve tried flecainide with metoprolol and it seems to keep the a fib at bay as it had begun to happen more than just every few weeks. I was getting it every day on and off. The metoprolol extended release at 25 mg plus flecainide at 50 mg morning and night seems to help a lot in keeping the a fib at bay. It would still push through when the various triggers come into play but is now acting more like the paroxysmal a fib I’ve had for many years and has kept the daily a fib episodes away. I’m 58

  • AC9


    My heart is structurally in good shape so the dangers of anti-arrhythmia or much less. I do feel tired or generally have less energy as a result but to be able to keep the a fib away is been a blessing. I hope it lasts for a long time without creating any other negative side effects. I was going to have an ablation but I’m still apprehensive and prefer alternatives for as long as possible before messing around with the physicality of my heart

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