hello. I look forward to being apart of this group. I am type 1 diabetic and have been in denial for quite some time now, actually kinda off and on. unfortunately, the neuropathy has kicked in and it seems to be one thing after another. I am taking my insulin as prescribed but still...things seem to be getting worse. now I have constant diarrhea and my legs and feet are about to kill me, some days are worse than others. I just need some good positive motivation or something...

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  • Sebas


    Hey i also took a while to adjust to my diagnosis. I just got diagnosed in august 2021 and i started off pretty well with a new diet and later fell off for a short time. Its a difficult diagnosis but it doesnt have to be the end of the world even though i know it can feel that way sometimes. Be gentle with yourself but try to make the right decisions when it comes to diet especially if youre starting to feel the neuropathy. If i can help you in anyway let me know. You are not alone 🤗

  • allisonblair


    Hi, i was diagnosed in 2013. I did awful the first few years, got on top of it for a couple years... Then just sort of fell off and got into this loop of being too depressed to take care of myself, which made my sugars worse which made my depression worse.. Its an awful feeling.. Constant high blood sugars have such an impact on your mental health. I highly suggest the juice box podcast. I learn something new everyday and have dropped my a1c by 1.5 point in the 2 weeks ive been listening to it consistently. I had such bad anxiety around taking my insulin and the tips and tricks from that podcast have honestly probably saved my life.

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