How do you cope with it? I want to learn other people's methods


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • JustRachelle


    With which condition?

  • Yuna


    Meditation and medication. A healthy balance of both helps keep me grounded from all my various issues

  • shoeshine


    Anxiety and depression

  • Daleya


    I also suffer from anxiety and depression! It’s a hard daily struggle! I have started counseling with my pastor and his wife, hoping that will help but it’s hard to pour it all out!

  • Amos_P


    I suffer from schizophrenia anxiety ptsd and major depression. I take my meds daily. I journal a lot, draw, music, kayaking, and ski. I have a supportive partner and friends. I belong to a private group on Facebook. Makes me feel less alone.

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