So I was diagnosed last year in February of 2021 with endometriosis. I am in constant pain in my groin and hips and back. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a year and a half and have had 3 early miscarriages. I just need some advice and someone who can relate. I am up to hearing advice also. We can't afford to do iui or ivf.


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  • Zoa


    Hi Cortney - All I can say is I relate and have been having similar experiences as you 💕 I’ve just been trying to remain hopeful but it’s very hard at times. Have you had any surgeries for your endo? My doctor doesn’t want to move towards surgery since we are trying to conceive but in other places I’ve read it could help - just curious.

  • kikki


    I am in the same boat my one friend tried for 3 years then they finally had to adopt

  • Paincess


    My surgeon said 90% of the women he sees are having trouble conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to term because of the endo in their bodies. It causes inflammation that prevents implantation. He’s got an excellent success rate removing enough endo to allow pregnancy either naturally or via IVF. My ovaries were considered a complete loss by the first surgeon I consulted with, and Camran Nezhat said they were severely damaged by endo but salvaged enough of them that he strongly believes I won’t need IVF. I’ve also heard Andrea Vidali, and Ken Sinervo are other top surgeons.

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