I am extremely bipolar, I do not take medication for it because I try to avoid all medications, here lately it has been really out of control, is there any tips on controlling it?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • maxbeans


    medication, bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance. i personally feel that’s the only true way for relief.

  • sleepyaries2


    i used to be in the same boat. however, you can’t control a chemical imbalance in your brain with just talk therapy. there’s only so much you can do before it gets back out of control. my therapist and psych both preach to take your meds regularly, i find that a combination of medication (usually a mood stabilizer for bipolar) & therapy is the most helpful for me. therapy is still so beneficial, but my emotions are still out of my control if i don’t take my meds. it’s scary at first, but find a good support system and lean on them if it ever gets too tough. good luck! :) <3

  • scuppersant


    I was really struggling to regulate my bipolar with just therapy as well, if you’re like me and are particularly sensitive to medications I would recommend asking for a genetic test, my psychiatrist ordered a genetic test to check which anti-psychotic or mood stabilizing medications would be best suited for my metabolism and body. I would highly recommend that test if you’re hesitant about prescription medication! It definitely calmed a lot of my anxiety about potential side effects.

  • Fiesty


    I am not in favor of meds either. I understand that mental illness are legitimate shortages or gaps in your body's ability to produce everything it needs. There are natural ways to remedy this! Everything that your body needs can be found out in the world. I would recommend getting a genetic test to see what you are actually lacking, and then find someone like a Naturpath or an Herbalist who understands how to use the environment to naturally balance your levels. It works. It's amazing. I personally feel better doing it the natural way rather than using pharmaceuticals. That being said, be sure to find what truly works for you. Don't just do what everyone else recommends.

  • Sunflower24


    Thank you everyone! I will take all advice and information into consideration

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