So I am being treated for the flu. was sick starting Thursday and went to urgent care Friday. Tho I tested negative for flu and covid Dr said it might be too soon but based on my symptoms she said it's probably flu. She prescribed me tamiflu and a cough syrup which I am not taking the cough syrup because I haven't had a cough and also the side effects seemed worse than just taking it. Today is day 3 of the tamiflu and tho I do feel better as far as my sickness...I have more anxiety now. I feel like the medication is causing it and I feel stuck. I want to stop taking it but I read that it I do my symptoms could come back hard. Had anyone else taken it and gone through side effects like worse anxiety and kept taking it? And if so once you were done with it did your anxiety calm back down? I am nervous because when I was sick with covid Feb 2020(before it was named) they treated me for an upper respiratory infection and gave me steroids and for months after only taking 3 days doses of that med I had extremely bad anxiety and stroke like symptoms I had to take Xanax to deal with it and then it took a long time to overcome it...and now my anxiety already is worse off again but this medication now has me worried I will go though that hell again...but this time my Dr now won't give me a benzo as needed. 😩

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Abdominal Distention

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Benzyl Benzoate


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  • Kayla612


    I’m taking Tamiflu for the flu as well. I haven’t noticed an increase in anxiety

  • Kayla612


    Good luck!!

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