Does anyone have experience with vaginal suppositories? My doctor has mentioned seeking out a “compound pharmacy” (never heard of it till now) to make suppositories out of possibly regular muscle relaxer type meds or something similar.
Or I am a medical marijuana card holder and have been looking at THC suppositories?
My doctor thinks they could be helpful in general and to use before I start pelvic floor therapy because my pelvic muscles are very tight and I HATE exams cause of the severe pain. Any experience or suggestions would be helpful😊

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  • Birdies


    I have never tried them, but have always wanted to try Foria's Relief suppositories. I only haven't because of the cost (they aren't too bad priced but I'm kinda a broke college student). They are only CBD though

  • Sunshine24


    I forgot about those thank you! You are right about the cost tho, it’s a decent price for something you don’t know is gonna work! I may get some just cause u have no other options rn.

  • Bubbies


    My pelvic floor physical therapist mentioned it and she said it’s helped a lot for some of her patients!

  • Emmy1997


    Yes! You can do some research and find suggest a muscle relaxant that sounds right for you, and suggest it to your doc. I did that and it helped vaginal tightness/spasms immensely!!!

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