can anyone else control their anxiety to an extent by just becoming suicidal? idk how to phrase it bc that sounds sorta weird bc i feel like sometimes i can turn off my anxiety by just feeling suicidal instead. it doesn’t work every time and when it doesn’t work it just makes things worse bc then i’m anxious AND suicidal. but can anyone else relate?

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  • bomb


    i guess, yeah. i feel less stressed when i know there’s a way out. everything matters less, “it’s okay if i mess up because i want to die, and when i do it won’t matter.” the change in the way i think is…helpful? helpful is the wrong word but honestly sometimes feeling suicidal gets rid of the anxiety…

  • Myobliss


    Yes actually? The thought of having peace, an end, is calming. That’s probably terrible but true

  • lauracat


    my anxiety stopped when i developed an eating disorder i think it’s because my mind was consumed by something else

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