Anyone have any tips on facial swelling in the summer? Day to day I feel as if I look so different. Some days the swelling is fine, some days it’s awful.

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  • suej


    I swell and joints hurt plus my neck and chest stay red like a sunburn I had a Addison Crisis ended up in Hospital for 10 days wish everyone well it does get frustrated

  • suej



  • Jules26


    I’ve had the same experience- I have found that drinking water with electrolytes (at least 2L a day) helps keep my swelling down and helps with the dehydration symptoms. Everyone is different and this may be highly variable in different climates and altitudes. Do you have a local naturopath? Sometimes, some teas help me a bunch.

  • iceumup


    Yep..... I keep a bottle of Gatorade on me at all times!! Leg cramps at night SUCK!!

  • KitKat1450


    I’ve been doing guasha stone facial massages and it dramatically decreases the swelling instantly for me. Most of my swelling is around my chin and neck. I do it a lot deeper than most of the “beauty” videos for that do and find it really helps me doing it daily.

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