does anyone have tips for getting out of bed in the morning? idk what it is but something makes it so I will angrily go through every alarm I set no matter how many, turn them off, and sleep through til evening. so far the only thing I can find that helps is to be brought food upon waking up, but that's an unreasonable unrealistic expectation for my bf to do every day.

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  • clockworksystem


    Do you have a day where you can plan to just sleep without the alarms? It sounds like what we experience when we're burnt-out, and a day of uninterrupted rest helps a ton, when it's an option.

    • xaventhious


      unfortunately it only resets me for about 2-3 days then it happens all over again and I don't have that many days to sleep 😩 I am running on burnt out 24/7 though, so I'm going to look up coping skills for survival in burnout mode. I don't think I made the connection between them, so thank you.

  • SeerClub


    I have a few suggestions, as someone with insomnia here’s what was recommended for me. Not all of them worked for me because of my physical disorder but it tends to work for others. Placing your phone or alarm clock across the room where you have to get up has been proven to wake someone up since they have to sit up and then stand up. Also it could help you get out of bed and it was recommended to me after getting up to take a lukewarm/cold shower since your already standing or to splash your face with some cold water. This is just a suggestion though it doesn’t work for everyone.

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