what are thing you have learned from having your illness that makes living with an illness easier any tips and tricks?

Essential Hypertension

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

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  • Benisha


    Just do what I am supposed to do, and that’s go to every session, never miss a day.I smoke and eat edibles to get through dialysis sessions.

    • TimboRay


      ✋ question does smoking make you crave food more? I’m scared to start back up again cause I turn into werewolf with food an the fridge when I do

      • Benisha


        I do get the munchies, i take snacks to dialysis with me. I sleep a lot there

  • AngelBane


    It doesn’t really make coping easier but diet and controlling hypertension is a big deal because being hypertension kills kidneys off faster. You kinda just have to quit stuff cold turkey because allowing yourself a rare endulgence makes you crave everything that’s harmful….it’s depressing but neccisary.

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