my ocd is really focused on body image today. I feel fate ugly and guilty for eating to much. I feel like I am shameful for disrupting the diet amd work out plan I had been following... does anyone else ever have these obsession or thoughts. I feel like I should be allowed to eat for a week or maybe should rid myself of the food I have eaten.

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  • scottielmao


    I’m here ❤️ take a deep breath, and please don’t purge. It’ll just hurt you. Try to drink some water and eat something healthy, ok?

  • Persephone_Zed


    I never felt this way with OCD but rather with depression. Either way, I am familiar with these thoughts. I’ve also struggled with awful OCD for a few years, so I know how powerful those thoughts are I know nothing I can tell you will be stronger than the voice of OCD, but maybe it’ll help to have a voice to counter it: Whether you’re 100 pounds or 400 pounds or whatever weight, and no matter what you have or haven’t eaten, you deserve to eat. You need to eat and fuel your body, and there’s absolutely no shame in that. You also deserve to eat food you enjoy and that makes you feel good. It’s fine to have weight loss goals, but there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with existing in the body you currently have. Adequately fueling your body is an essential part of any sustainable weight loss plan. Progress isn’t a linear thing either I’m sorry your brain is being mean to you right now. Like everything, this too shall pass

  • WhiteFlamingo


    I don't have OCD as you describe it, but I do have it with other personal shame. Typically it's about how I think I made someone feel. If there's the slightest chance I hurt someone's feelings, I think I must apologize countlessly until I think they truly forgive me. If I did anything slightly embarrassing, I think I cannot talk to any off the involved parties anymore. If I have not started my tasks for the day right on time, I think I can't do them at all because of I was good enough as a person, I would have done them on time. It's exhausting putting so much pressure on oneself. The only thing that I have found really helps this personal shame from OCD is finding little ways to challenge it. I apologize one less time than I want to. I text that person I embarrassed myself around. I do one task late. Eventually, I started apologizing only once, not even removing myself from an embarrassing situation, and doing all of my tasks regardless of time. Take it from someone who still struggles with this: punishing yourself because of what your OCD tells you will make things worse. Today it may be purging the food you ate, next week it may be not eating at all. OCD is never satisfied no matter what you do. But if you give it space to speak and politely do something different anyway (rather than working against it), it will get a lot quieter. It takes practice, but I believe in you.

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