vent, rant, depression.. We are not okay. our landlords are wanting outside to be clear so roof work csn be done. there is a lot to move. They gave gave us 4-5 weeks... it's only been 6 days and they said that I I not doing enough or fast enough cuz they don't see me doa nything.... I have been working every day! in the morning and at night.. .apparently choosing ti rest, relax, and play with our chikd during the day is unacceptable! I have so much going on and now I just had an unnecessary breakdown with scremaing and crying because of their nonsense! I don't handle pressure well! I did stuff this morning and I was relaxing during the day with my child, already planning on doing more tonight..... bow I have to calm down jsut so I can! I can't take this oressure! I'm seriously considering working non stop until it's done even if I dislocated one of both of me knees again (both have dislocated) because I cant!...... I have so much going on alreayd.... it hasn't hasn't been 6 days!!!!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Dislocation of Knee


Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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