Hello do anyone know a pill that works to help burn fat through out the day?

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  • Alberto


    There are some pills for diabetic or pre-diabetic patients who change the metabolism and that way help to reduce weight and fat

  • Knightstarr


    I used the ThermoFight Xˣ from ItWorks and I lost almost 40 pounds in like 3 months, but then I had to stop exercising and my weight pretty much stayed the same for over a year. I stopped taking them and I have gained some weight back. They work well as long as you can move around and burn calories. They are made of green coffee, green tea, and peppers. It helps you eat less and burn more calories. They are a bit expensive if you ask me but if you can afford it... Also if you order directly from a ambassador you get a discount

  • Rosita


    I don’t think any diet pill is safe or like Alberto said.

  • Annie238


    A lot of diet pills may seem to work but have plenty of adverse health effects. I would personally stay away.

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