Hi! I’m Savanna, I was diagnosed in 2020 when I was 19 and turning 21 this year. Does anyone have issues with adhesive allergy? I’ve tried everything I can it seems like but the Dexcom still gives me severe allergic reactions even with barriers. I’ve gone back to FreeStyle since I don’t seem to be as allergic to those but I’d love to go back to Dexcom to go with my pump. Any suggestions?

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  • Lanna


    Flonase on the skin before application. Theres also hypoallergenic patches you can put underneath :) Flonase works really well for me, I have VERY sensitive skin

  • Eneri


    I use the Flonase and then apply Skin Tac and then apply the sensor. I broke out in burning rashes when Dex changed their adhesive formula! I don't get the burnt rash anymore.

    • Mustyelbow


      thank you to everyone on this post :) It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who got really severe reactions to Dexcom. I’ll definitely have to try using Flonase

  • Slurmp


    Same as above, I get awful rashes from adhesives, so Flonase works great! I also have hypoallergenic patches but they don't stick as well for me.

  • Lunarix


    Apparently adhesive allergy is super common, I get rashes from medtronic as well as my omnipod, and bandages. Most medical adhesives all use a certain chemical that the allergy is reacting to. I used to have some IV prep pads that put down a slight skin barrier that helped, but I cant find the brand anymore

  • LilianaB


    As another person mentioned you can get things like flonase or other allergy relief stuff and use that, also using hypoallergenic sticky patches and a barrier that can block some of it.

  • Danae_Rae


    Hi, I am also allergic to the dexcom adhesive. I use skin grip under layers before I but my dexcom on and now I have no problem!

    • Danae_Rae


      Skin tac liquid adhesive on my skin, then the skin grip underlayer (that’s the barrier between my skin and the Dexcom) then I put a skin grip cover over to keep it on. And I am not allergic to the skin grip over patch. Works great!

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