My name is Karissa, I’ve come down with scalp psoriasis 2 years after my mom died. I was put on humira but it was back ordered so they put me on enbral. I just wanted to discuss some side effects. Does anyone get tired? I get tired and fall asleep easily. I would just like to know side effects this is my 5th week on it.

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  • Samsambinks


    I’m on enbrel and I can’t remember if I was tired when it started but I’m always tired lol and have been since before i started. I used to get some crazy rashes in the area I injected it took me months to get over that and I have a stupid cough but idk if it’s related to tht either lol. You might have to tell your Dr or see if there might be another issue causing tht

  • Karbbyxo


    I get rashes too! I get tired like 30 minutes in. I fall asleep and I’m up. Humira never did that to me. Has it been helping you?

  • Samsambinks


    Next time I take the injection I’m going to see if I fall asleep after lol. I do mine at night but I love enbrel it’s made such a big difference for me

  • Karbbyxo


    Lol. With humira I didn’t I just felt weird. I just did a shot Monday under my belly button and a rash is appearing. I take it during the day. I can’t tell. How long did it take for it to work for you? Let me know if you feel tired lol.

  • Keepingupwithkendall


    Been on Enbrel for 3 years it actually gives me energy and helps with the fatigue. Now Humira was the opposite made me have migraines and was tired all the time.

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