hi group! I have had emphysema since 1998 after a bout of pneumonia and quit smoking at that time. It has progressed to stage 3, 32% lung function. Now on oxygen 2L 24 hours a day. This is all new to me. Just getting used to it.


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  • Rainberries


    Hey. I'm 22 years old and just got diagnosed with mild emphysema. I have to go see a pulmonologist to check my lungs.

  • GingerHair


    Hi uchick, I’m so sorry that this has progressed to this point. I’m afraid this will also happen to me. I stupidly kept smoking off and on between cigarettes and E-cigs for a couple years. I did eventually stop because I knew I was killing myself. I’d smoked for @45 years and it was sooo hard for me to stop but I stopped cold turkey one day and haven’t looked back in 4 years. I take Trelegy (mostly) every day and when I do forget, I can really feel that need it. Besides being on oxygen are you on any meds?

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