Any one know natural treatments for Anxiety other than exercise and diet?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • sunflower7


    I'm not sure if it counts as a natural treatment but something that works for me is breathing exercises and grounding techniques. Another thing that helps me is yoga/meditation. I know yoga is technically exercise but for me it's the one tolerable kind. I have breathing issues due to my anxiety so exercise doesn't usually go well but yoga helps you stretch out and relax

  • RionWilde


    Aroma therapy. Sounds lame. But if there are any scents that bring you back to a happy memory or calmness, utilize them. Doesn't necessarily have to be essential oils. I use my boyfriend's cologne sometimes for that reason. I also really like eucalyptus, it helps me ground myself.

  • Quinee


    Hey, of course exercise and nutrition are very helpful (at least for me). Another thing that helps me is drinking chamomile tea in the evening. In addition, I heard about herbal supplements called valerian root- I have never tried but maybe it's worth a try …

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