How bad is your pain on a day to day basis?

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  • vespera


    I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, I'm at a consistent 4 or higher most of the time.

  • Katie_May


    Frequently my pain is at a 10. The lowest my pain has been in the last year is at a 7

  • Y0g1


    Haha I hate this question because when it’s chronic pain (in my experience) you just become numb to it. I don’t notice my pain unless it’s really bad. Before I went to a specialist I didn’t realize that the way I felt/feel isn’t normal if that makes sense.. I have never been able to answer these types of questions or the on a scale of 1-10 because it is all so relative and how do I know if the pain im feeling is closer to a 9 or not because where is my pain tolerance at compared to anyone else ya know? No hate towards you or the question- I just always struggle with questions like this

    • Katie_May


      It is a very hard question. Sometimes it’s better to base it off of the general pain scale. I do have a high pain tolerance, but I also have pretty severe joint and bone damage and that shhh is exhausting and excruciating.

    • Wish


      ah, I can relate haha. I treat my pain very casually to the point where people often don't even believe I'm in pain

  • GreenBean21


    On a good day I’d say closer to a 6/6.5 On an amazing day 4 On my bad days 10+

  • selky


    most of the time i feel like im at a 2-3 and then throughout the day i have atleast one 6 where it lasts 30mins to an 1hr and i just have to wait it out, and thats not counting my like real bad flare ups cause i wouldnt really count that as a flare up but yeah. it matters cause my pain is either migraines or gi pain and sometimes its a weird nausea/dizzy pain cause i get these weird fainting spells that last a while

  • SadMom95


    Because we've had nice weather, I'm slowly getting out of my seasonal depression and have more motivation which has caused my body to feel better than it does in the winter. On a normal day I'd rate my pain at a 6 or 7. On a good day it's a 3 or 4. On a bad day it gets to 8 or 9.

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