Just started Seroquel, has anyone taken this? If so what was/is your experience like?




Bipolar Disorder

acute lethargy

Seroquel • Type: Oral


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  • proudcloud


    I've been on seroquel for years (possibly longer than I should be). It makes you very sleepy, depending on the dosage, and really hungry, at least for me it does. So I try to take it just before I go to bed so I don't get the seroquel munchies! Haha. I'm also on extended release to help my anxiety and it works really well for that as well as keep my moods stabilized.

  • Orangemarigold


    I’m only on 250 mg bc I’ve been slowly increasing it but I feel like it’s the only medication that’s been able to make a positive impact on my mental health

  • mynewfriend


    I'm on 500mg of Seroquel. It took some time to get past the drowsiness every day but I take it at night and now it's working pretty well against my bipolar depression. I'm in the middle of another medication change and will be going up on the Seroquel more than likely. It does cause an increase in my appetite but personally, I'd rather fight weight gain than unmanaged depression. It took time to get to this dose, but it's been worth it.

  • Appleicous


    I’m on 25mg but cut it in half because I was sleepy during the day

    • Jas102


      SAME wow

      • darkfang


        I took it a while back and it made me gain weight

  • Pisforpotato


    I’m using it currently, and I have found it to be helpful. It was initially prescribed to me for sleep and mood stabilization purposes, and it has done exactly that for me. I really like it and find it helpful. I, too, take it before bed time!

  • E_belli


    I was highly over-medicated with Seroquel (1200mg/day) for many years. Doctor was stupid. I liked the XR much better than IR and it made me wayyyy less tired. But I had a mixed dose of XR and IR. Made me exhausted when I started. Gained a whole bunch of weight. But in terms of effectiveness, my mania was gone and most of my depression too for many years. I wish I had been on a lower dose though, I may have stayed on it longer. Don't go over like 800mg! Which is the standard/recommended maximum. So I guess I have mixed reviews. It did its job for my symptoms which was great. But just be careful about the dosing. Good luck!

  • lostinwonderland


    I personally could not handle seroquel. I was not able to wake up in the mornings and my daughter was tardy so many times in 2nd grade we had to meet with a truancy officer. It made me feel even worse ab myself. The drowsy feeling never went away and I requested to be taken off of it. Best of luck to you. ❤️

  • stormer


    I did well on it took it at night. Knocks me out.

  • BeeOy


    Seroquel has helped my mood a lot, i started it for my anger outbursts, and haven’t had them nearly as badly since. it also helps me sleep at night. i take it before bed, and it knocks me out completely. but, it also tends to make me very hungry after i take it. i’ve seen other people experience this too. i take it, and get so tired and hungry, that i will binge eat before bed, oops. other than that, it works well for me and i couldn’t imagine stopping.

  • bluejjayy


    I'm on a fairly low dose and have been taking it for around 3 months now. It makes me very sleepy and I sometimes sleep in too much or just can't wake up. I'm taking it with duolextine and saphris, and I'm not sure if its doing much for me. I struggle with bipolar (recently diagnosed), mdd, and anxiety, however I am very sensitive to medication so my experience could be pretty different!

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