have you ever lost friends bc of bpd?

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • Derek20


    Of course, it happened to me more than once that friends chose to distance themselves from me after they heard that I had a "mental illness". People tend to treat it like it's contagious and if we stay friends they'll accidentally get sick too. I learned not to be afraid and not to be offended by it, whoever doesn't want to accept me as I am is not good enough for me to be his friend.

  • michelledevyn


    I made a great friend. They had bipolar as well and helped me come into my diagnosis and helped me stay grounded during my first manic episode. We realized at some point that out friendship wasn't completely platonic at the time. We were both manic. After I came down and realized I wasn't polyam (they are) they didn't want to be my friend anymore and said a lot of really hurtful things to me. I'm happy right now but seeing them around campus is so strange.

    • DownNotOut


      very mature of you to communicate truthfully in those moments. Imo

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