i haven’t been diagnosed with bpd but i have friends who have it & say i do. should i look into getting a diagnosis? i’m really impulsive, black & white/all or nothing thinking, horrible self hatred & body image issues, used to self harm, eating disorders, awful anxiety, if anything goes wrong i can’t stand it and lose it which usually results in me feeling overwhelmed & like i want to hurt myself/off myself. when people talk/text with me & they’re not talking/texting like they normally do i think they’re mad at me and my friends say that could also be a sign? when i have a breakdown it feels like the the worst thing ever and sometimes within at the least 45 mins, i feel ridiculous and stupid for feeling like that and then im okay. i say sorry a lot. there’s so much more i’ve had people call me out on but im actually quite scared of a diagnosis. please help.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • esh


    Please don’t be scared of a diagnosis! <3 help and healing starts with a diagnosis. You will have an easier time getting access to programs such as DBT and you can specifically tailor your treatment plan to your diagnosis. But keep in mind that YOU are not your diagnosis. You are you, your BPD is separate, not who you really are. A diagnosis might help you separate yourself from your BPD traits. I hope this helps and I feel your pain friend! BPD is so painful and that’s why getting help is worth it. Good luck ☺️☺️

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