Not that anyone will reply but for the past couple days somethings really dawned on me. My mother doesn't really care about me or my other siblings feelings. Since we haven't gone through any of the hardships she has, she deems everything we're upset over irrelevant and stupid. It really sucks having a mom who's so dismissive and sometimes I don't know how to cope with that. I wish I had one of those nice caring moms from the Hallmark/Disney movies.


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  • dannyimprego


    i totally understand how u feel! and every time i try to confront her about it she tells me how her mom was way harder on her. i feel like i can’t go to her with anything bc every time i express any sort of negative emotion she immediately shoots it down by telling me how i shouldn’t feel that way bc of all i have compared how she was raised. ive just started going out everyday so i only really see her for like 30 minutes a day (if i even see her at all). and if i’m ever with her longer, i start to remember why i started going out in the first place.

  • Dopaminne


    I definitely hear you!!! One thing I've noticed is that my mom is emotionally unavailable towards her kids in their time of need. But fully expects us to be available to her when she needs us to. And if we dont?? We're the a-holes. Its sickening

  • maya64


    I completely get how you feel. But you have to put yourself first. I barely talk to my mother and spent my whole childhood wishing i was secretly adopted. Sometimes, the people who raised you arent conducive to your happiness and if they cant wont or dont want to change to create a closer relationship, then its not on you.

  • SemenSlurper9000


    like @maya64 said, put yourself first. you dont owe anybody anything. I left my adoptive parents house because they were verbally abusive and now I feel much better most of the time. a family "bond" does not mean anything if your mother is absent. dont let her get to your head!<3

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