Not sure if anyone is interested but if they are here it goes, since I was younger I always wanted to help people and when I was younger I did that to talking to people in online forums who had mental health issues like me and helped them through it, because I had suffered through the same things they had before and sometimes worse I was often able to help them and sometimes be the only person they would open up to and vice versa. So I was thinking, if anyone is interested maybe I could continue that here and others who are like me. We could create a group of people who want to listen and those who want to talk, who need to talk. Because do it in person is filled with crippling anxiety and some people like telling someone anonymously. And while I appreciate therapists and all the people they've helped I'm sure there is people out there like me who have a hard time truly opened up to someone who hasn't experienced what they have, while the empathy and caring can be there sometimes you need someone who truly has been through it to understand and provide guidance. So I thought why not here?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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