i don't reach out to friends often because of anxiety which is something i need to work on. when my close friend moved we drifted. i texted her less and then not at all. i think she's mad at me. in our friendship she would often complain about herself and make fun of people. but the hardest i've ever laughed was with her, and we have great memories. i don't know if i should reach out just so i can get closure and feel like i'm not an awful person who ghosts. trying to reconnect would be so awkward. is it bad to just let it go? if i do, how do i get rid of the guilt?

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  • KarmaKaughtTheKat


    You're never going to get rid of the guilt, you just lessen it ig, I've been there for a pretty long time. I can't give too much advice but you're not awful, sometimes you drift from people and thats fine! Hope things get better for you.

  • FourOfCups


    You will never know what happens until you reach out. People grow and drift apart. I'm sure she doesn't hold it against you. And if she does, that doesn't mean the bridge is burned. You can still reach out and try to repair the friendship if that's what you want.

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