Anyone else never find the cause of their b12 deficiency? I found out I wasn't absorbing it in 2019. I got injections and my levels recovered a little but it remained low end. The only investigating my doctor did was refer me to endocrinology. They scoped me and said "you don't have Celiac, sooo idk! It's a mystery 🤷‍♀️"
But like... That doesn't sit right with me. I would like to address the root cause of the b12 not absorbing, if possible. Or is it more common to just never know??


B12 Deficiency Anemia

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  • SJP


    I have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, which causes malabsorption for me. I have hypovitaminosis D, calcium, and b vitamins. I also don't absorb them well. I take folate to help, and vitamins.

  • Sam85


    I have gastroparesis and I don't really absorb many of my needed vitamins. I'm constantly on high doses of d, all the B's, and magnesium. Sometimes we add c or iron as well. I just stay deficient.

  • QueenBlueBead68


    My endo ran a blood test that showed mine was an autoimmune disorder, not celiac and told me to take mega doses of B12 daily in pill form. I have 2 other autoimmune disorders so if I get a major illness like the flu, covid, etc, I'm at risk to pick up another one.

  • AutumnCoffee


    I've just finished being tested for all (most) causes and yep I don't have a root cause either. I'm now on monthly B12 injections to be checked if my levels go up but we don't know why they're so low in the first place

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