Does anyone else have phases when you have random vivid dreams every night and you wake up more tired than you were when you fell asleep?


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  • Ano


    Definitely me, sometimes I wake up and I could walk around the planet twice and other times I feel like I can't move an inch. I believe vivid dreams is a side effec t of Prozac though.

  • Ano


    Ah I just remembered drowsiness is too

  • meg2606


    I do! I just stopped Prozac after 4 years to switch to Wellbutrin, and my dreams were crazy. I honestly woke up confused about what was reality sometimes. My only suggestion is to take ashwaganda and magnesium with a big glass of water before bed. It doesn’t do much for the dreams, but provides much better rest so you are more likely to feel less foggy in the morning :)

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